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"Sandi is a passionate leader who is clear with her communication, and is highly adaptable. Her eye for detail and knowledge of theater complimented my vision for this ambitious project." 

~James Cameron, Worlds Away

"They are incredible artists who give so much of themselves every night.  I’m proud of what they have accomplished on our show and the work they have done with Sandi Croft’s company Purple Lotus.  I know they will continue to set new heights for dance and expression in their future adventures." 

~ Celine Dion

“Ms.Croft’s diverse and International experience is what gives her the knowledge and ability to make significant contributions to the artistic level of a Cirque du Soleil show.  She motivates the artists and challenges them to reach their full potential. Her keen artistic eye and expertise brings many suggestions to the evolution of a show.  This has made her an invaluable asset and contributor to the continues success of Cirque du Soleil.”

~ James Hadley, Senior Artistic Director, Cirque du Soleil 


"Sandi impresses me with her vision, her sensibility and management style as an Artistic Director and Creator when conceiving events to promote our shows.  Sandi puts all of her passion and creativity into all she does.  She is totally devoted to her work and the people she works with."

~ Pierre Parisien, Senior Artistic Director, Cirque du Soleil Resident shows


"Sandi’s expertise, leadership and motivational skills are invaluable in helping us select the newest and best talents for our Broadway, Cirque and Cabaret shows." 

~ Jean Ann Ryan Productions, Norwegian Cruise lines, Silverseas


Not only having the ability to understand, express and add to a director’s creative vision but also having the ability to realize that vision in all its complex and exacting detail are the qualities that set Sandi Croft apart from the rest. 

~ Shel Piercy, CEO, Infinity Film Entertainment Group


"Sandi’s charm, style and in-depth knowledge assisted me in creating another successful year.  She made everyone feel confident by inspiring the performers to be the very best that can be.  Sandi is an essential part of the entertainment business and I would not hesitate to employ her for my future productions."

~ John Kim Bell, Producer/Composer, CBC,CTV, PBS


"By popular demand I hired Sandi to produce another shoe for the International Festival Encore in Quebec.  Sandi keeps exceeding my expectations with her ability to stay within the budget, to always meet every deadline with ease and her for talent to continue to capture my audience’s emotions. A pleasure and a rarity."

~ Claire Mayer, Producer International Festival Encore Quebec


“Sandi’s enthusiasm, training and presentational style inspired our performers and left them with a sense of achievement and confidence…the perfect role model.”

~ Bill Calhoun, Artistic Director, Singapore TV


“Sandi, a guest artist who would reap more applause and raves for her exquisite, brilliant technical prowess together with her poetic grace and artistry.  As a teacher Sandi exceeded my expectations, I discovered an intelligent, generous, open minded teacher whose evident desire was to impart everything she knew to her students without bias or hesitation.”

~ Douglas Nierras, Artistic Director Powerdance, Philippines


“Very charming person… a wonderful teacher, helping students with their needs and motivating then for further progress with their dance techniques.”

~ Lars Anderstam, Principal Balletakademiem, Sweden


“Sandi’s enthusiasm and dedication with each student is always honest and sincere, she demonstrates a true desire to have each student excel and to grow as artists.  Sandi brought a very special energy to the school and to the annual gala."

~ Jean M Wong, Principal Jean M Wong School of Ballet, Hong Kong


“Sandi….. assumes creative and personal responsibility with wisdom, dignity and a sense of joy.”

~ Mass Ono, Entertainment division, Tokyo Disneyland


“Ms. Croft very much took over the leadership role in Gloria Estephan’s show and pushed to expect nothing but the best from herself and everyone around her.”

~ Kenny Ortega, Choreographer/Director, Gloria Estephan Unwrapped, Dirty Dancing


“To my great fortune, I hired Sandi as my assistant choreographer and performer in the CBC T.V production, The Swinging Nutcracker.  Sandi not only excelled as the featured performer but she captured my vision for the project.  I will continue to use her leadership skills and talent to assist me with casting and rehearsals.”

~ Lisa Stevens choreographer, Bombay Dreams Broadway, High School Musical N.A tour, 9 To 5 London’s West End


“We were ecstatic when Sandi agreed to teach, judge ad perform with us.  Sandi is very popular with all the participants and faculty as she has a rare ability to connect with students and staff of all ages.  She successfully thrives in a dynamic environment with joy and enthusiasm, achieving challenges with sheer pleasure and confidence, always having enhanced the endeavor.”

~ Dorie Koko, Director Triple Threat Dance Convention


“Sandi is well versed in all forms of dance and is a very competent adjudicator.  Dance Power prides itself with offering the best education and Sandi is one of our favorite judges who educates with compassion and humor.”

~ Darryl Hodgins, Director Dance Power Dance Competitions

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